Landcare Groups Working to Improve Lake Macquarie

Over the past few years there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy environment and how individual actions can impact on this.

Joining a Landcare group is a great way to contribute to a healthy Lake Macquarie.

Local Landcare groups contribute over $3.6 million per year in volunteer hours (based on $30 per hour) to help improve and beautify Lake Macquarie.

In the past nine years alone, the number of registered Landcare groups has grown from 22 to 260 groups, including 3 indigenous groups, all working for local environmental improvements.

Working in partnership with Landcare and other service clubs, the Lake Macquarie Improvement Project has at times funded materials to groups to assist with catchment works. Lake Macquarie City Council also provides $500,000 to support Landcare each year.
In the past few years Landcare groups have carried out extensive weeding and planting works addressing problems of eroding areas, wetland rehabilitation and riparian / littoral vegetation. Landcare groups have planted in excess of 500,000 endemic plants.

For further information on Landcare in Lake Macquarie
Further information can be obtained by contacting
Landcare Resource Office on:
Phone: (02) 4921 0392
Mail: PO Box 3006, BLACKALLS PARK, NSW, 2283
Visit: 84 Macquarie Road, FASSIFERN (9am - 4pm weekdays or at other times by arrangement)

Alternatively visit the following websites:
Landcare national website:
Landcare NSW:
Landcare Lake Macquarie Network:


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