Lake Macquarie Works Program

The Lake Macquarie Project Management Committee was established to implement the recommendations of the Premier’s Taskforce on Lake Macquarie.

Formed in 1999 to address the issues contributing to the degradation of the Lake environment. These include sedimentation and nutrient enrichment from stormwater run-off.

The emphasis of the work program is to treat the problem at the source, by addressing the cause of the Lake’s problems arising from its catchment and foreshore. It also includes removal of some sediment and ooze from a number of bays, as well as some maintenance and navigation dredging of the entrance channels.

The Lake Macquarie Project Management Committee is responsible for the oversight of the implementation of environmental improvements to the Lake, which are delivered through the Office of the Lake Macquarie and Catchment Coordinator. The work by the Office of the Lake Macquarie and Catchment Coordinator is integrated with, but additional to the existing activities of Government agencies and Councils with regard to estuary and catchment management.

The range of activities undertaken by the Office of the Lake Macquarie and Catchment Coordinator include the implementation of the work program, increasing community understanding and awareness of the Lake and its catchment and scientific monitoring of key environmental indicators. Stormwater treatment devices can range from pre-cast concrete boxes that capture or filter coarse sediment and litter, to constructed wetlands and vegetated swales (watercourses) that remove finer sediments and nutrients through natural physical, chemical and biological processes.

Foreshore stabilisation and vegetation is carried out to prevent foreshore erosion on public lands. It normally consists of construction of a natural sloping beach and planting of native species. The vegetation also provides a filter for run-off into the Lake. While high levels of exposure to wave action in some areas mean that rock work is needed, endeavours are made to mimic nature as much as possible.


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