Water Quality Monitoring Data


Lake Macquarie Water Monitoring Data

The Microsoft Excel download below provides actual water quality data from three locations around the lake, which are shown on the map (PDF download). The purpose of this monitoring is to assess the long-term health of the lake and identify trends. This data, along with data provided by other organisations, is referred for statistical analysis and professional interpretation every few years through Southern Cross University.

The results in this deeper water data are very different to what you would find in near-shore areas, near creeks and enclosed bays. Other points you may wish to consider:

1. How are dissolved oxygen levels affected by water depth? 
2.   What possible causes could there be for varying turbidity levels and Secchi depth? 
3.   What temperature range does the lake have over the year? 
4.   What factors would account for varying salinity levels? 
5.   Try graphing some of the results.

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